Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

A dispute over a loved one’s estate can be a very complicated issue to handle and requires the expert services of inheritance dispute solicitors. These lawyers can help you with a range of issues from a dispute over a will to a claim for maintenance from the deceased’s estate if they left no will. The law surrounding this area is complex and can be very emotionally charged and therefore it’s important to have a lawyer by your side who has the experience and knowledge to support you in your inheritance dispute case.

Inheritance disputes are often related to an allegation that a person was not of sound mind when they wrote their will; allegations of undue influence; or even disputes over property such as the family home or a business. This type of litigation is known as contentious probate and can result in serious financial difficulties for the families involved.

Disputes can be resolved by mediation, arbitration or negotiation. However, when all other options have been exhausted litigation may be necessary. At this point you will need to instruct a lawyer who will prepare your case and present it at court. At this stage your lawyer will be asked to provide evidence in support of your claim or defence and the judge will make a decision on whether your claim is valid and legally binding.

It’s not uncommon for a deceased parent to favour one child over another or leave the estate in such a way as to exclude other children from the family home or business. This is often because the favored child has been their main carer in their old age; is more financially vulnerable than their siblings; or there’s a genuine estrangement between them and the other children. It’s also quite possible for an estranged relative to be successful in a claim against the estate for maintenance.

Our firm’s specialist inheritance inheritance dispute solicitors and trust lawyers are well versed in handling this difficult legal area with tact and discretion. We are able to assess the chances of success of your claim and estimate the costs involved. This enables us to offer you the best advice on how to resolve your inheritance dispute.

When you’ve been excluded from a will you might be eligible to make a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. This is an important piece of legislation that enables certain people to apply for a claim against the deceased’s estate if they didn’t leave you something in their will. This includes surviving spouses, partners and cohabitees as well as a range of other relatives.

Inheritance disputes can be difficult and emotional but with the right legal support you can resolve your dispute in a swift and cost-effective manner. The experienced Manhattan lawyers at our team are ready to guide you through the process. We will take the time to listen carefully to your situation and help you achieve a resolution. Please contact us to discuss your case with one of our lawyers today.