What Is Geeks Health?

Geeks Health offers top-tier health and fitness information with a specific focus on the transformative power of brown fat, aiming to help people achieve sustainable, long-term weight loss and improved metabolic health.

Geek therapy uses nerd culture artifacts in the therapeutic context as a means of fostering connection, trust and well-being. Geek therapists recognize that the fantasy world of gaming, fandom and cosplay can provide a respite from the anxieties and stressors of real life by allowing individuals to engage in self-care with a sense of community and purpose.

While it’s true that some of these artifacts can be a source of anxiety for some clients, they can also be a powerful tool for building empathy and establishing rapport. Geek therapists recognize that clients who have these interests may not feel like they are being viewed with judgment and instead approach them in a non-judgmental way. The therapist takes their client’s affinity seriously and makes a point of connecting it to their client’s personal experiences to establish a framework for understanding.

The team at Geeks Health understands that the healthcare industry is rapidly changing, with patients being expected to be more active in their care by wearing and using devices that are designed to keep them healthy. As a result, there is a growing need for technology support for at-home monitoring devices and other technology-enabled healthcare products and services.

Geeks Health has partnered with Best Buy to provide support and education for patients in their chronic care at home programs. The partnership with the retail giant has allowed Geisinger to decrease their device setup time by half and to see an 18% improvement in patients following their healthcare plans through consistent use of their remote technology.

A Small Bite Podcast

The Confessions of Health Geeks podcast is a short-bite show from the US Health and Life Sciences industry team at Microsoft featuring national interviews, insights and more. The team works closely with health plans, providers, life science companies and med-tech companies to address some of the biggest obstacles faced by the US healthcare industry in partnership with Microsoft.

Nutrition Geeks

Founded in 2018, the online retailer Nutrition Geeks is an online store offering high-quality supplements. They offer a wide range of products that include weight loss supplements, immune support supplements and other products for overall health and wellness. In addition, they provide expert-led product reviews and comparisons to make shopping easier. The company also offers various delivery options. They strive to deliver world-class products straight to customers’ doorsteps, with some of their most popular supplements including turmeric powder, biotin for growth and lion’s mane to boost mental health. The company’s customer reviews are highly positive, with many of them describing significant weight loss or other personal achievements. They are also known for delivering the highest-quality products at the most affordable prices. This has earned them a stellar reputation among users and helped them earn a 5 star rating on Amazon.