When to Hire a Cement Crack Repair Company

Concrete is a tough material, but it can still crack. When it does, it isn’t just unsightly — it can also be dangerous. Unsealed cracks in concrete allow water to seep inside, weakening the structure and potentially causing heaving, sinking, and other problems. When this happens, it’s time to hire a cement crack repair company.

There are several different methods to repair concrete cement crack repair company cracks, and which one is best depends on the type of crack and the severity of damage. Some cracks are easily repaired, while others require repouring or rebuilding. A concrete contractor will inspect the cracks to determine what method is most appropriate for the situation.

Repairing small cracks is simple enough, with a variety of products available for the job. Sealants and caulks, for example, are easy to apply to small cracks and do a good job of sealing out moisture and pests. Quick-setting cements are another option. These are pre-mixed concrete mixes that set up quickly and can be used to fill larger cracks.

For more serious cracks, a contractor may use routing and sealing, grouting, stitching, drilling and plugging, or gravity filling to repair the damage. Suitable methods for each crack type are determined by evaluating the structure for its cause of cracking and its severity.

If the cracks are caused by shrinkage and settlement, a contractor can use a special epoxy to fill the cracks. The epoxy is injected into the cracks to stop movement and prevent further damage to the concrete. This process can be used to repair wet and damp cracks as well, but only certain moisture tolerant epoxy materials should be used.

When heaving or sinking concrete causes cracks, the problem is much more complex and usually involves the ground underneath. The concrete will be pulled apart at the surface by the soft earth, which can result in wide cracks at the surface. Slab jacking is an option for this type of concrete crack repair, which involves pumping concrete under the slab to raise it.

While some cracks in concrete can be fixed by a homeowner, most will require professional help. This is because concrete repairs involve tools and chemicals that the average person doesn’t have access to, as well as proper calibration of cement/aggregate/water ratios. A professional can ensure that the correct ratio is used for each project, preventing future damage and saving homeowners time and money. When the experts at SUNDEK are on the job, you can rest assured that your concrete cracks will be repaired properly and thoroughly. To schedule a free estimate, call today! We offer service throughout New York, including Poughkeepsie, Middletown, Spring Valley, Monroe, Kingston, Wappingers Falls, and the surrounding areas.