Top Trends in Bathroom Remodeling: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Bathrooms have been transformed into a space that prioritizes personalization and comfort. From tech-led features like built-in blue tooth speaker systems, voice activated lighting and temperature controls to smart mirrors that talk back, the modern bathroom is turning into a personalized day spa with a wide range of functional options. These trends will continue to be reflected in bathroom designs throughout 2023.

The most popular major changes that homeowners make in their bathrooms Chicago, IL are home system upgrades (59%), changing the layout (41%), and increasing the size of the shower (35%). The smallest but arguably the most important change is upgrading the vanity (23%).

This year, we’re seeing a shift away from shiny surfaces in favor of matte finishes that provide a tactile, luxurious feel. The trend also extends to color, with earthier natural tones like soft greens, sages and dusky pinks gaining popularity in bathrooms. These colors help to calm the mind and create a more grounded feeling in the room.

Another color trend that continues to gain momentum is multiple colors, which can be used to add depth and dimension to the room. This can be accomplished by using a combination of solid, patterned or printed tiles or by incorporating a painted accent wall. For a bolder option, try using a textured paint such as anthracite (also known as black coal or hard coal) on one wall or in a large accent piece like the tub.

Subway tiles are still going strong, but they’re being pushed further from their classic New York City roots to a more elongated shape. This change will give the space a more modern look while still keeping the timeless design.

Textured tile is also gaining popularity, with homeowners choosing matte finishes over glossy tiles to create a more contemporary look. The texture not only provides a visual contrast to the sleek countertop and fixtures, but it also helps to soften the harsh lines of the room.

Another way to add a bit of flair is by papering the walls with a colorful wallpaper. Just be sure to use a material that won’t get waterlogged or peel in the humidity. This is a great choice for an accent wall, such as behind the freestanding tub or a master bathroom vanity.

Adding wood elements to the bathroom is another way to add warmth and an organic touch. Whether it’s the vanity top, flooring or even a window sill, natural materials in the bathroom are a beautiful way to bring nature indoors and connect with the outdoors.

Lastly, we’re seeing more and more people incorporate furniture into their bathrooms. This can be as simple as a hair and makeup station or it can be a more integrated solution like a custom-built vanity that looks like it was made specifically for the space. This is a great way to make the room feel more cohesive and custom.